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Effexor XR and Lamictal Drug Interactions - Also, does it take a while to get the Effexor in your system? It can also cause loss of attention and inability to concentrate. Drug interactions between Effexor XR and Lamictal. Edit this list. Results for the following 2 drugs Effexor XR venlafaxine Lamictal lamotrine Consumer;

Re Med to <em>augment</em> <em>Effexor</em>-XR; improve efficacy? Psycho-Babble

Re Med to augment Effexor-XR; improve efficacy? Psycho-Babble I am really afraid of switching because of the extreme lows I experience when not on meds. Yes Lamotrine or Lamictal can cause memory problems. In reply to Med to augment Effexor-XR; improve efficacy. posted by Fivefires on. I take it for narcolepsy but I believe it's a good augmenter for depression too.

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Geodon and effexor - MedHelp It appears that you are also experiencing paranoid thoughts, and have been treated for depression. Geodon and effexor. I am also on effexor xr, was given lamictal, and geodon. Should I decrease the Effexor and augment?

<strong>Lamictal</strong> and <strong>Effexor</strong> Combo - Depression Message Board.

Lamictal and Effexor Combo - Depression Message Board. This is just a suggestion, as one who has had to wean herself off some psychiatric drugs, including Effexor and Geodon. I did come off Effexor and Lexapro and both of these were very difficult and took a long time to wean myself off of. I have Bipolar and have been recently taking Lithium Carbonate, Effexor XR, Geodon, and Klonopin. HealthBoards Mental Health Board Depression Lamictal and Effexor Combo. dosage are u on and i just started effexor xr. Effexor,lamictal.

Abilify And <em>Effexor</em> Together - Doctor answers on HealthTap

Abilify And Effexor Together - Doctor answers on HealthTap Hi 5f, :)Before I begin to waffle, I get the impression that you only started the Effexor a few weeks ago. Dr. Jacobs on abilify and effexor together. aripiprazole mht also augment the Effexor as an antidepressant. aripiprazole to Effexor and lamictal.

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